The Guru Book

A journey through consciousness and enlightenment. Leaving home, deep practices at yoga ashrams and learning vedanta. From there, moving to work with a zen master and understand cultivation. However, its easy to get lost in words. So much to explain but so little words. Hence follow the trail of pictures and quotes. Learn from the teachers that have done it before. Twitter is one of the most brilliant distribution platforms of all times. The power of content unleashed. Nothing is a secret anymore. We spread the vedanta and zen through books, tweets, blogs and websites. Millions of page views have happened. Many people enlightened. Look for # tags in quotes for search terms. Look for @ symbol in tweets for addressing people. This book is a journey through pictures. The most current year is 2014, hence the date is not written in tweets. Time stamps are critical piece of information, to when the event happens, the location, and who we encountered. Every spiritual journey builds on events, where we meet and see, who and what, at a perfect time to walk our path. We cannot be thankful enough to all the saints, masters, gurus and teachers that have showed us the door. The guru shows the door, the student has to walk in. A good student builds a great teacher. Enlightenment is passed from a guru to disciple.


Travel - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. Most Venture Capital would LOVE to visit.

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