Seed Creative Solutions

Address: India - through Vasanth

Phone: On Website


Create Time: 12-16-2019

Update Time: 12-16-2019

Customer Development: 5 Customer Testing - Customer Development

Feedback: Vasanth: This company founder is interested in our product please have a look on website

Bilal: A couple of suggestions I have on seed creative solutions: US market? venture capital? if, then it would require UI/UX changes. We can help. How much are they looking to spend to uplift the product? 2020 is going to be a big year. I love the product, it shows depth. It says a lot about your as well, for finding them. Great work! The logo needs to be redone. They can be great partners. We should think about setting up a call. Look for synergy. How we can help them and how they can help us? Including paying for salary for you, December / January. Also, they are not charging enough for the product. Rather 250 rupees, it should be $250 They have good team, the website is awesome and their team looks amazing. Think about it. We can talk more later. I won't share this with the rest of the team yet. Let's make a deal happen!

for seed creative solutions: need customer login / registration. for design, look at,, etc. international market. redesign the website, increase valuation. create courses online, after registration, for admin. for casual users, they can see courses, pay with credit card. 2 weeks. $1000