Weekly Meeting - 12/5 - Branding Customer Development

Description: Hi all,

For our next phase of Lean Startup - Customer Development, we are going to work on branding. We need: 1. website domain name. Please think about 5 names that represent shop. Please submit them to Joseph or me and we will do a blind voting on the names, for our next meeting, Thursday 12/5 at 2pm. Joseph will send out a meeting invite. Please look at Portmanteaur.com for cool names. You can put agile development lean startup as keywords, and see what names, preferably 5 letter domain names show up.

Help with your homework, Founder Institute - Customer Development homework.

Please read the material. Also any issues you find on the site, please don't email to the group. Send an email to joseph and CC me. We will either create a bug, or enhancement task and put in appropriate project.

Thanks, Bilal 510-424-7105 skype: mytweetmark, google hangout: bahmed73
Hi all,

For our meeting tomorrow, which is a startup bootcamp, please take a look at the following links:

f6s: https://www.f6s.com/shop-agiledevelopmentleanstartup
Please create an account on f6s, before the meeting. There are lots of free tools for entrepreneurs, like 2 month free co-working space, cloud servers, tools, etc.

one traction: https://onetraction.vc
Also take a look at one traction, where I am a mentor. I know the founder well, and we have applied there. 

shop: Please make sure to review updates, daily changes to the product.

notes: http://taote.shop/notes

blog: http://taote.shop/blog

60 seconds pitch: Please write down your 60 seconds pitch, and test against the audience in the meeting. You can email it to me, and I can review it. You can also practice it with me on skype.

1-1 meeting: Please setup a 1-1 with Joseph, our CPO after tomorrow's meeting. He is going to be sending the meeting invite.

blog: If you feel like writing a blog about your experience with us so far, we can give you admin access to the content. Please let me know.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Thanks, Bilal 510-424-7105 skype: mytweetmark, google hangout: bahmed73

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