Snowball - TODO mobile application

Description: Hey Bilal, I was thinking through your product and a recent use case popped into my mind. It led to one of those "aha" moments and thought I'd share it with you. In my new CPO role, I'm constantly thinking about our product -- sometimes in ways that are structured, but often in ways that are unstructured. A new idea for a feature might pop into my head, or I might have an interesting insight into our userbase, and so on. The issue I encountered when I tried out some of the PM tools on the market is not has nothing to do with their UI -- it has to do with their presumptions. PM tools presume that your idea has already been settled upon, you know who's doing what, and all the tasks, and all the subtasks, and the timeline for completion, and the priority, and the Epic, and so on and so on when all that really matters is it's 3am and I want to share this amazing new idea with my team. Slack isn't quite right since it's meant for realtime communication. Texting is also less-than-ideal for brainstorming, especially after hours (I don't want my text to wake someone up -- plus it's one-to-one by default and doesn't scale well). Email kinda works, but after a few replies it becomes harder and harder to figure out what's going on. The solution is something I call a Snowball. It begins with something as simple as an idea ("pro accounts with unlimited messaging") and gradually gets filled in as the idea grows (or snowballs) - with comments, pictures, links, supporting text, and so on. This way, if I'm out to lunch or on a walk or in a meeting and an idea pops into my head (but not one that's relevant to the conversation), then I can Snowball it. My team gets notified on their app and chimes in whenever they want. It's like an interactive post-it note. Anyway, this seems like something that doesn't exist right now, and it might be of interest to what you're working on. Hope this helps, Christian

Duration: 4 weeks

Priority: 2

Project: Revenue

Sprint: Revenue Sprint

Backlog: Revenue Backlog

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