The LOVE Book

In 2021 - Dropping all constructs and people out. Just remembering Self, 1 human with no ties to anyone or anything, but because of that everything. However, as a human, seeing both devil and saint in people. How small money changes everything. However, you don't know what money is, when you haven't see it. The problems of money are different at different tiers. We only receive information based on the power circuit of our choice. We only know as much as our network. So today, what one knows, everyone knows. People have a choice to make at this point - How they want to live their life. Looking at deserted towns in California and Nevada. It's the choices we made, that gives us the privilege to see the world as it is. However, sometimes, good things happen. They grow, if we share them. But if we keep everything to ourselves, then we don't see the whole picture. Currently, there is military all over America, Martial Law, working close with law enforcements to keep peace. While the world comes out of healing from the virus. However, many people take this point as an advantage - In competition, if a person passes away, the business opportunity in the future will be much bigger. The people that are looking for business today, never ran a business before. But we also have count the fact, that the virus has created lots of separation in people. We could have huge dreams, but without resources - People that actually do the work, we can use social media to keep us entertained every day. Once the virus vaccination priorities are lowered, then we will be able to move freely and find love again. We just have to make through this time - Stay positive and live life, day by day, and fully enjoy it. Make sure to do all your most important things first - IF you have any time remaining, we can give you some real tasks. For example, how to talk to a human being in a coffee shop, like Starbucks. Easy test, can I walk to a coffee shop alone in America? Would I feel safe to have that privilege.


Virtue - Buddha practice of mindfulness; Integrity, Humility, Loyalty and other principles.

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