The Quran Book

This book is dedicated to my yoga, tao and startup families. "The fever is in your favor." says Marcelo, March 31st, 2020 at 9:39am, my nada yoga teacher, who worked with me at Yoga Society of San Francisco, California, Brahmananda ashram since 2011 and Hari Harananda, my other guru, who taught me how to open and close chakras in 2000. Brahmananda also has another ashram upstate New York, called Ananda ashram. When I started practicing with Marcelo in 2011, he told me about Master Wang, another teacher, a hydration champion, learning tao, who was just with Marcelo, a little bit ago, practicing nada yoga. Master Wang with 30 years vegan practice, no garlic and onion. Marcelo has 17 years raw vegan, Coming from a Muslim family and hafiz of Quran, Prophet Muhammad and his lineage contains super spiritual prayer ability. My brother Abbas has the lineage of Prophet Muhammad, all the way up to Adam and Eve. The methods are what Marcelo, as a yoga guru, and Master Wang, as a tao guru, provide and teach. The reasons why Prophet Muhammad was enlightened and his daughter, Fatima. The lineage documents are available and contains information about enlightened teachers and their spiritual influences to society in all times. The guidance that can be heard within and without. "Cold water", I replied at 9:49am. 10 minutes later. Marcelo is my teacher, that taught me how to listen to sound of silence, OM nada yoga. We were talking about hot and cold in the body, a couple of days ago, and he says, "Bilal, fever is good for you". I talked to some other people on the introduction list about hatha yoga, hot and cold, by doing yoga poses, sadhana or breathing, inhale cold air, and exhale hot air. Today I suggested, just drink some cold water. However if you are feeling cold in your body, you should drink hot water. The idea is bring the body to perfect temperature, with yourself. Still 9:49am.


Spiritual - Taking spirituality and science a little further. For what physics is to one, might be metaphysics to another.

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