The Migration Book

As we explore various states and countries, through our various startup incubator programs, we see money movement and the governments to follow. However, cat teaches the lion everything but climb the tree. We are seeing world domination, in power, Super elite white and yellow, moving up the chart, but they are missing a few key ingredients - The brown and black super sauce. Without that, there is no grounding, no public support. So we see huge ambitions, coming out of the virus, California on fire, huge amount of international rich population moving in San Francisco and San Jose area. But they are missing the family. They are missing support of ambitious people. Right now, anything good to touch, becomes an instant disaster, because everybody is looking at it. Towns and towns are changing. Many deserted towns and industries, Hollywood taken over by Netflix, gambling casinos went under, basketball is infiltrated by venture capitals, people are moving. States like Utah don't accept minorities, hence they will be paying large. California has great acceptance of all people - People don't blame them for their misfortunes. In Utah, blame is on the governor and mayors, for not teaching them entrepreneurship and venture capital. The international people have moved ahead. Nevada does much better because it's kind to people. Anything created by money, eventually fades away. Only real emotions, prayers and wisdom will dictate the future, the spiritual ledger and people will move, where they find love - That is with their family.


The Matrix - Brain Interface Technology with Zero Point Energy experiments. Multi Universe and Space travels.

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