The Corporate Book

As we work across various corporations: Banks, Startups, Defense Contractors, Yoga Schools, Monastery, Tao Centers, Mosques and other places of education, including NBA, where superstars like Lebron James, educate children in communities, or P. Diddy, that educates youth by music, where you can hear Dr Dre notes, very distinct, between east and west coast. So does basketball players style, for example Stephen Curry, where young kids inspired by his work ethic, copy the style and body gestures. In working with startups and corporates, it's not any different. Over time, we build a reputation, if you are the good guys, on virtue, accountability, loyalty, that builds long lasting relationships. If you don't have that, you end up paying for it, for example $4 billion in a social network.


Sales - Discussing different strategies to convert opportunities into sales. By examining Lean Startup, Customer Development philosophy.

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