The Founder Book

The art of the founder is jump any way possible, to grow. Hence this book, is documented as adventures of a founder, growth hacking venture capital, politics, music celebrities and many others. The truth is if you can convince 1% top influencers, the rest of the population follows. People are looking for the right message, hence when they see synergy, they believe. They know. The book jumps backwards, like in the movie Memento. On September 12th, 2015 1:30pm, a massive fire erupts from Cobb Mountain California, directly shooting towards Harbin Hot Springs. The books describes my devotion to the gurus. From living in Sivananda Ashram in San Francisco, California from 2012 ­ 2014, to Harbin Hot Springs from 2013 ­ 2015 and Zen Master, to the present, working with venture capital, music, politics and technology. Whether working for Harbin Hot Springs, or many other things. However, the gratitude goes to the teachers and the gurus, that gave me the opportunity to serve them.


Social - Details on all issues dealing with social pyramid, while studying the impact of the coronavirus and how it will change.

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