The Sales Book

Top performing sales teams have few things to convert into a sale: 1. Pitch. If you haven’t converted the customer, before you began your pitch, you have lost. 2. Preparation. You need to understand your customer. Every human being you communicate with, is your customer. 3. Writing. You need to write your thoughts down, before you begin a pitch. 4. Body Language. 50% of business conversion happens on energy, aura and body language. 5. Principle. Following a methodology, like Lean Startup, to understand customer development. 6. Family. Try practicing your best pitch to the family and see how they respond. 7. Measure sympathetic and empathetic feedback. Go with empathy, always. 8. Timing. Measure how long it took, to convert an opportunity into sale. 9. Amount. Prepare based on how much money you are pitching for. 10. Keep pitching.


Sales - Discussing different strategies to convert opportunities into sales. By examining Lean Startup, Customer Development philosophy.

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