The God Book

Through sadhana, spiritual practices, deep understanding of food, vegan, and also hydration, the whole universe opens up to us. This was done in the past, by the ancient rishis. The vedic scriptures, especially Rig Veda, which is the heart of all the Hindu scriptures, define a path towards enlightenment. The great god Indra, who has had many previous incarnations, work through chakras, kundalini, and after much purification, gains Agni, within himself. With the proper blessings of the ancient masters, the rishis, the new Dawn opens up. There are many creation gods, Prithvi: earth, Varuna: water, Mitra: fire and Vayu: air, that are the key elements, associated with the first four chakras. From deep practice, anahata nada, which is the sound of silence opens up. This is the sound of God, the ultimate within our body. The seven chakras, the seven rivers, are a mystery to human beings. However, through practice, great understanding can be developed. Indra and Agni, predicts the great dawn, which is upon us. The great dawn is also associated with Soma, the elixir, for the enjoyments and sacrifice, and Usha, the birth of the divine female. All this happens, by the grace of Saraswati, the divine mother. This book is for the advanced practitioners of Yoga, to reach enlightenment. Many scriptures are translated in English, previously available for a select few. Chanting the names of the divine births, have a profound effect on a human being, in our current reincarnation. Other books by the author: The Secret Book and The Sacred Book, available on Amazon and Lulu. These two books are essential to develop deep spiritual practices, pure sadhana, in light of the gurus. Jnana yoga, which is the knowledge aspect of yoga is defined through these books, which includes various scriptures, from all religions. May your journey be blessed.


Yoga - Mind, Body and Spirit, by practicing hatha yoga, jnana yoga, bhakti yoga and karma yoga.

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